1. How can I play? First you need to sign in. fill up the form completely with your correct information. If your information is incorrect, you might not receive your winning price. Next step is to add some credit codes into your account in order to be able to play game. When you have sufficient amount in you account, you choose the lottery or lotteries, then you either choose your own number or system will generate numbers for you. Now, you are in the game.
  2. How can I claim my winning price? If you are a winner, you will receive an email. We eighter post the price to the address you provide in your registration form or we will call you to the phone number that you provided in the registration form and we will hand in your price in person. This is very important that you enter correct information. We are not responsible if you are not receiving your price if you do not provide correct information in your registration form.
  3. I am not able to login. What should I do?  Double check you credential once again. If you forget your password, click “forget password.” Follow the steps and generate a new password.
  4.  Do you have any lottery with “CASH” winning price? At this time, we do not provide cash winning price.
  5. How long will take to receive my winning price? If you win a free lottery, you will receive it at once. But for other winning price it depends on the country that you live.
  6. Are your winning prices original and genuine? Yes. All our winning prices are new, original and genuine.
  7. In some countries mobile need to be register. Do you provide the register product? No. We do not have any responsibility for registration of the winning price.
  8. How many lotteries can I play? You can play as many as lotteries you want.
  9. How many tickets can I buy per lotteries? You can buy as many tickets as you want.
  10. How can get the “ticket code”? You may get your ticked codes from our dealers in your country.